Vs01 - Timelapse in Mercury

Vs01 - Timelapse in Mercury

The first release on our Virtual space series is due back any day from pressing.

This album was written about 1 month before Orchid was completed and originally ' found its way ' onto the web as a rough and ready demo version in mp3. Since then we had a few people ask us to release it as a finished version and on audio cd with artwork and so here it is.We have reworked and now finished this album fully and added new layers and mastered the original recording .The result is a beautifully deep and nebula ambient work and journey into a cosmos of monolithic shapes and space geometry.

A demo collage of the album can be found here


Limited edition of 500 copies on Glass mastered audio cd with 4 page booklet and case.

Heres some artwork and we will update this page and mailout to the list when its ready to ship.