About the Virtual series

As a label Virtual now has 5 seperate series called

Virtualworld , Virtualform , Virtualspace , Virtualight , and Ishq.

The 5 series we hope will mean people can quickly relate to the different work were doing as its quite variable in musical style.

The Virtualworld series takes care of the detailed and complex soundscapes / music releases and is the main series and part of Virtual .To date this series has releases , Magik square of the sun and Infinite garden.

Virtual form will release the harmonising electrified forms of Ishq ( Ishqs contemporary sound sculpture work aswell as more contempory ambient electronica )

Virtual light will release Holistic music for meditation and contemplation of Ishq

Virtual space will release our deeper space music.

Ishq will host all future major Ishq albums and collaborations ( Orchid being the first album relative to these )

http://www.v-i-r-t-u-a-l-w-o-r-l-d.net/ to see what we mean.It should make sense once we start releasing more :)