Vr03 - Visions of Surya

Out now : Vr03 - Visions of Surya

This is the third album in the Virtualworld series and first collaborative work between Matt hillier and Jake stephenson on Virtual . Some may know Jakes musical work as Optic eye and Optica aswell as lots of other colourfull alter egos in the 90's . Jake passed away some years ago and this work was the last music he wrote with matt as Colourform ( which was to be there new project name )

The music itself is very colourfull and created as an imaginary series of Pipe dreams someone has when visiting an exotic distant land.The album has an exotic eastern feel and Kaleidascopic like quality and follows on in style and form from the previous 2 Virtual albums.

This release is dedicated to jake and released in his memory , he was very instrumental in encouraging us to make music and sold us our first synth and got us signed to our first label and so there would probably be no Ishq without him in some respect.

There is a demos mp3 / collage here of the album


and the album can be bought at


Available as a limited edition of 500 copies on Glass mastered audio cd with 4 page booklet and case.