New web address and 2010 news .

Hi folks

just a quick update to say firstly due to some web provider ' issues ' we now have switched for a while to


You can also find theVirtual site via the Ishq site at


which remains the same.

On the music front we have now being mastered a full length album as Ishq of mellow melodic music and full of eastern promise which is to be released by electronic soundscapes very very soon and called 'Sama ' .The music has left the studio which means its close to release......


On the virtual front we are close again to releasing , we had to put pack some albums due to the whole meltdown and economics of things and us feeling they needed more work and also suit the winter months more as releases but its all positive and were about 1 week away now from sending off a new Elve album for pressing of lush green soundscapes which has come out of the blue and is beautifully organic and emerald like and we also have the first Virtual forms release ready to press .We have a huge backlog of other material now also close to mastering and so releasing its now the main focus.

For now thats it but expect the unexpected and sorry were so sporadic with new music releases .Theres a new wave of both Virtual and Ishq music on the way.

best wishes from us - +