Vr04 - Emerald

Released today is 'Emerald ' by Elve another alter ego of Ishq.

This is the 4th release in the Virtualworld series and follows on from the first Elve album as a continous ambient soundscape which could be said to have a more tropical feel than the last Elve album.If the first album ' Infinite garden' was set in the english countryside then this one is set in some far distant tropical rainforest or to that effect.

There is a direct link to a demo montage here


As with all the Virtualworld series of releases the album was written with immersive headphone listeners in mind and sounds best on high definition headphones or hifi systems .It probably not best to describe this as ambient chill as the idea is to create moments of slight intensity aswell as moments of release in these works and so expect a ride .Its invocative music really and also more about painting a landscape with sound and stimulating the senses aswell as chilling them.

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